Kate Pickin

Responsive Design, Wordpress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
Kate Pickin Website

Large and small layouts for Kate Pickin - Gilding

Kate is a gilder and artist who was wanting a website for her gilding business, to showcase her work and increase her customer base.

Mia has created a website for my business that is exactly what I needed, not what I thought I wanted. In this, Mia has carefully guided me towards what is a clear and concise structure for the site. It is in a style and format that flows well and is user friendly, both for potential customers, and for me as a novice to continue adding text and images. She has shown me, with great patience, how to use the site options to make any future changes and to keep it fresh and interesting. Mia is easy to get along with, a good communicator, and has the skills and knowledge required to achieve a website build that suited my needs.

Designing Kate Pickin - Gilding

For Kate's website it was decided that it should be clean with a lot of whitespace as the photo's of Kate's work would then stand out. The horizontal layout appealed to Kate's artistic sense and makes the site stand out. This created a challenge for me, the menu needed to be able to hide and show the sub menu whilst keeping it below it's parent link; without using WordPress's conditional logic. I managed to create the same effect in the menu with JavaScript whilst keeping the chosen style. The site was built in WordPress as Kate wanted to be able to add images and text about her work. The blog was added for Kate to inform her site visitors of future events and for updates on work.

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