A Web Design/Web Development Portfolio
Until January 2016 I was working in administration and HR sectors, now I am a self-educated, avid learner of web design and development. I am working hard to achieve my goal of joining a creative company by keeping my skills up to date with online research and creating my own sites with UI/UX and mobile responsive design in mind. I re-created my portfolio to fit with current design trends and I decided to do this site with CSS handling the animations and minimal Jquery to make the interactions smoother. In my spare time you will find me playing chess or designing images and websites.
Welcome Sheffield Site
A micro tourist site of Sheffield; as I live in Sheffield I used this for an example to showcase in my portfolio.
HTML / CSS / jQuery
Previous Portfolio
My previous portfolio, I like it but it is based on older styles. I decided to update it after researching current trends in design.
HTML / CSS / jQuery / JavaScript
Old Portfolio
My first portfolio is rather too business like for using as a portfolio, but it shows my progression.
HTML / CSS / jQuery / JavaScript
Robot Error Character
My error robot, designed by myself and created with illustrator; I use it for other errors besides 404.
Illustrator / Photoshop / HTML / CSS
404 Sunset Background
This is created on illustrator and designed by myself, used just for 404 errors. One of my favorites, I love the colors of sunsets.
Illustrator / Photoshop / HTML / CSS
Baking Site
I created this site as an example for my portfolio but I used real recipes that I created for replacing table sugar.
HTML / CSS / jQuery
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